Counter Surveillance Investigations

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Counter-Surveillance Services

Counter-surveillance becomes necessary when you are the subject under surveillance or spying. Surveillances are legal when performed “with probable cause” by law enforcement or “for cause” by a private investigator or private security professional within their legal bounds. Surveillance outside of legal authorization is spying and could constitute criminal harassment and or stalking.

Counter-Surveillance is Increasingly a Technology Effort Requiring Expertise with Cyber Security, Telecom and Wireless Technologies

Hard to detect, document and prosecute, technical based “surveillances” tracking and or spying are rapidly increasing! Technologies can be purchased readily from Amazon and local “spy shops” and “YouTube” teaches the perpetrator.  Non-DIY perpetrators can easily “hire a hacker” and have little to no chance of law enforcement preventing or prosecuting them.

The C.A.Robinson Private Detective Agency’s founder is an investigative security technology expert with over 35 years of U.S. Government, law enforcement and big 5 consulting with fortune 500 clients providing global corporate cyber security, investigations and counter-surveillance which included hands-on systems engineering and software development.



  • Business Espionage theft of sales leads, customer transactions and proprietary data

  • Divorce Litigation Espionage via home device with a microphone, trackers and hidden recorders.

  • Family Trust Disputes and unauthorized cloud access/tampering of legal documents and cell phones


We Provide Computer Network Forensics with Surveillance Video to Identify Perpetrator(s)

Surveillance can include many methods of “spying” on someone including:

  • Eavesdropping or “dropping in” on an Amazon Echo device, a Ring Doorbell and a number of other personal digital devices with a microphone
  • Phone tapping of cell phone and VOIP conversations, voicemail and texts can be achieved a number of ways directly or indirectly to many to mention here.
  • Computer hacking by means of gaining access to an Apple ID and iCloud devices/data, a Microsoft OneDrive account/data and other public file sharing cloud platforms have replaced easy detect spyware on computers and cell phones. Internet marketing and cyber security resources are commonly used by cyber criminal operatives to identify devices of targeted people.
  • Planting “bugs” in a home or car has given way to the use of vehicle trackers, air tags, and the hacking of the victim’s personal digital devices as we have observed recently.
  • Following or “tailing” is less common given availability and affordability of technology options instead with far less risk to the perpetrators.


Other Counter-surveillance Investigations Related to:

  • Revenge

  • Stalking

During a counter surveillance investigation, we will identify the resources of yours that were coopted (hacked) and or planted devices if present; we will find out if you are being followed or tracked and identify the means and where possible the parties responsible.  Counter-Surveillance must be paired with Counter-Measures which include advanced technical defense, offensive security technologies and personal protection security when required.  Some refer to Counter-Measures as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), though we prefer to keep the term simple calling it a technical defense combined with “offensive security” to catch and stop the bad guys!

How Can a Private Investigator Help with my Counter-Surveillance Case?

During your investigation, a private investigator will:

  • Examine your Home and or Office Internet, Cell Phone, VOIP Phones, Computers, Home and Business Security Cameras
  • Perform a bug sweep using RF spectrum equipment and thermal detection to see if bugs have been planted
  • Run background and vehicle activity reports of suspected individuals and vehicles
  • Use advanced cyber networking IDS/IPS and offensive security tools to find and eliminate spyware, malware and identify and block “hackers for hire resources”
  • Guidance for purchase, placement and configuration of security cameras, automotive dashcams, privacy cloaking for cell phones and wallets, cyber security and personal security.

If your counter-surveillance investigation indicates you have been under surveillance or spied upon electronically, we will provide an “affidavit of probable cause” for you to report to law enforcement. Typically even with ample forensics evidence, Federal and state resources will pass on launching a formal investigation. Instead if you so desire, a private criminal complaint and or a civil action against the offending party or parties will be required.  However if video surveillance evidence in conjunction with the electronic forensic evidence is obtained, your case stands a much likely probability of being processed directly by law enforcement.

Counter Surveillance Investigation Services


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