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Provides daily services in Philadelphia and the suburbs of Philadelphia. The C.A.Robinson Private Detective Agency provides investigative and security services specializing in civil case infidelity and family law, counter surveillance security, criminal defense, private criminal complaints, cyber and phone infiltrations as well as online harassment cases. The agency is also Act 235 licensed and provides armed agent security protective services.

This private detective agency provides a balance of ethics and ingenuity with honesty and competitive pricing starting at only $250 for an initial retainer. The founder of C.A.Robinson has a master’s degree with over 35 years of professional work experience throughout the United States and internationally including consulting for law enforcement, global corporations and government agencies. He founded the company with the aim of providing clients with an alternative from other private investigation agencies typically started by former law-enforcement employees. Instead this agency is founded and operates on the basis of scientific behavioral social science analysis, advanced investigative skills, consulting problem solving, security and intelligence experience supported by advanced technical expertise. This business has a five-star overall customer review on Google.

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Infidelity Investigators

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Armed Security Act 235 Licensed Services

Confidential Criminal Case Investigative Services Include:

  • Criminal Defense Investigations…

  • Counter Surveillance Investigations (Detection of Prowling, Stalking, & Technical Spying/Tracking)

  • Suspicious Death Investigation Learn More


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