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Civil Investigation

What is a Civil Investigation?

A civil investigation uncovers and assembles evidence necessary for a civil trial. Civil investigators are responsible for gathering the evidence essential to such a trial.  Our agency’s civil investigation case work focuses on family related investigative needs for evidence.

Family Law Private Investigation Services Include:

What happens in a civil investigation?

Our civil investigation services begin with a free professional analysis. A private investigator will meet with in person or discuss over the phone the need, urgency, objectives and budget of the investigation. The private investigator will conduct an investigation discretely and confidentially using proven investigative techniques coupled with advanced inhouse technology resources to gather relevant evidence.  Investigative resources include background checks, asset searches, forensic investigation, surveillance, witness examination, and other proprietary technology methods. The investigator will post all findings to our secure cloud or print out and present in person if preferred to reveal day one findings with the client. This includes video, photos, forensic data, records etc. Information is then prepared when ample evidence has been obtained and substantiated.  A formal report report of findings is provided to be presented by a licensed private investigator. When needed in matters of forensic investigations relating to digital evidence our agency as a court recognized expert witness will prepare an expert witness report summary of findings.

What kind evidence does a civil investigator look for?

  • Financial documents (credit card statements, checks, bank statements, audit records and IRS transcripts tax documents)
  • Computer and cell phone activity (emails, texts, photos, video GPS, etc.)
  • Statements from friends, family, and colleagues
  • Business and public records (US FOIA and PA RTK requests)
  • Physical evidence (forensic data, records and surveillances)

Do you need a civil investigation?

For family law legal evidence or a need to know personal inquiry, our qualified licensed private investigators are essential.  We provide unbiased proof and the credentials of our agency are a significant factor in determining a positive outcome of your case or informational need. A private investigator can acquire this evidence in a professional and legal way.

Read more to determine if your civil case may require a private investigator.

Use the search utility on our site or refer to bottom state of Pennsylvania communities and counties to find a civil investigator, or give us a call at (800) 910-6622.