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When hiring a PI, be sure to inquire about the types of services they provide and ask how many recent cases they have processed similar to your private investigative need? Ask how much is typically spent for such cases and what is the minimal initial retainer they require?

Don’t expect the better private detective agencies to to provide any references to contact. How would you feel if you had your name and case details disclosed to someone over the phone?

Make sure they are not going to farm out your case to unlicensed contractors or staff. This is a common practice with the dominant listing agencies online. Many just farm out the work and monopolize Internet search.

Private Investigator Services in Pennsylvania

Following is a list of the basic different types of investigations:

Civil Investigations

Our investigative services are crucial in establishing the facts in support of civil and criminal matters. Our private investigators provide an effective means of substantiating your case.  These services make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our specialization is in Family Law infidelity, divorce, alimony, child custody support, inheritance legal evidence needs.

Infidelity / Matrimonial / Cheating Spouse Investigations / Family Law Evidence Needs

Spouses and partners unfortunately aren’t always as faithful as they promise to be. Any of our services can be provided to discreetly and professionally help you determine if a prospective partner has been truthful in representing their relationships, background, history and personal situation.  Our Pennsylvania private investigators will provide you with video or, photographic proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue if the investigation has negative results.

Surveillance Services

Although we specialize in providing surveillance services to spouses who suspect their partner of infidelity, our Pennsylvania private investigators are experienced in all types of surveillance including child custody issues, teen activity and suspected abuse. We understand that domestic investigations are emotionally difficult and guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation.


Counter Surveillance Investigations

Detection of Physical Prowling & Stalking by means of Covert Video Field Mobile Surveillances and Location Stakeouts. Cases typically relate to matters of domestic relations, legal and business espionage and difficult to detect forms of criminal mischief.


Criminal Defense Investigation

Defense cases include defense investigations relating to criminal felony charges as well as defense investigations relating to matters falling under PA PFA Chapter 61. – Title 23 – DOMESTIC RELATIONS; and Family court defense investigations relating to child custody.

Private Criminal Complaints

The law allows for private citizens to file Private Criminal Complaints through the Court system.  It is always advisable to report any suspected criminal activity to your local law enforcement agency. When more evidence is required, we are the private detective agency to hire.

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