How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

How much are private investigator fees? How do they charge?

The cost to hire a private investigator (PI) can also depend on the investigator’s experience, the complexity of the matter and the types of services you need.  Better private detective agencies like most law firms conduct case work on a retainer basis.  Our retainers are affordable and start at only $250 for a typical civil investigation.  This is an affordable way to test the waters for your investigative need. Find the right private investigator for your investigative and or security need by contacting the C.A.Robinson Detective Agency!


If you need more convincing that the company offering the cheapest quotation can complete your inquiry promptly and to your satisfaction, resist the urge to go with them. An introductory rate quoted over the telephone without understanding the details of your research should raise red flags. Similarly, be wary of anyone who guarantees a particular result.

Always request a written quote and select a detective agency that is actually licensed in your state and performs daily services in your area only using licensed investigators. 

The quote should breakdown all components of pricing for full transparency of service fees and expenses.  The prices are also clearly laid out in certain circumstances.


In Pennsylvania, retainers are fees paid in advance to a private investigator. Something like a deposit that you can use for services in the future. How much you have to pay depends on the organization, the location, and the specifics of your case. Make sure you know if a retainer charge is expected and how you’ll use it before agreeing to any further investigation.

Select an agency that provides the most flexible starting retainer to meet your budget! The lower the retainer the more leverage and options you have as a consumer.

Hourly Charges

Private investigators typically bill their clients by the hour for services like monitoring and infidelity investigations. Time spent working times the hourly rate equals the final price. It is essential to get an agreement on a price before employing a private investigator because their hourly fees may fluctuate based on the circumstance.

The C.A.Robinson Private Detective Agency operates private cloud resources resulting in greater confidentiality and cost savings for our clients.

Private Investigator Fees In PA

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