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Using a Private Investigator for Infidelity Investigation?

Through tactical discrete surveillance of the party, expanded information access  and expertise in technologies including digital forensics, our P.I.s will provide timely video and information to obtain the truth for our clients and beyond merely suggestive findings.

Using a Private Investigator for Divorce Decree or Mediation Efforts?

A private investigator can help find assets (and liabilities, such as debt) and true earnings. This may be relevant when determining property division of marital assets, child support, and spousal support. It’s not uncommon for parties to attempt to hide assets once they believe divorce is imminent.  A P.I. can often find hidden assets by searching through various databases and good field investigative skills.

Using a Private Investigator for Child Custody and Child Support Investigations

Child custody determinations are generally made with the child’s own best interests in mind, regardless of what the parents would prefer. In some cases, using a P.I. for child custody disputes can reveal whether a parent is capable of providing a stable home environment for the child. In other cases, there may be concerns about child abuse or drug use by a parent (which would be relevant for visitation determinations established by family court).

Using a Private Investigator for Cohabitation Investigations in Support of a Divorce Decree or Agreements

We provide discrete advanced surveillances supported with a vast amount of investigative records in support of a cohabitation investigations. Cohabitation legal evidence needs include matters of child custody as well as alimony terms in many divorce decree or agreements which stipulate a reduction in alimony in the event a former partner is living with another individual with whom they are romantically involved.  If your child’s other parent is cohabitating with someone, you might be able to change your custody situation, or reduce child support payments.

Get Investigative Assistance With Family Inheritance and Trusts

Using a private investigator for suspicion of abuse of a family inheritance, family trust or suspected  eldercare fraud especially with “power of attorney”  is a good idea most of the time. It’s best to get the truth and evidence you need established before considering the hiring of an expensive legal professional.

We offer superior Family Law infidelity, divorce, alimony, child custody support, inheritance investigations throughout the state.

Our civil case investigations specialize in Family Law infidelity, divorce, alimony, child custody support, inheritance legal evidence needs.

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