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The C.A.Robinson Private Detective Agency of Pennsylvania, provides criminal investigation services to gather evidence to support the defendant and their defense attorney.

Investigations include a top down review of state’s evidence including, cell phone, computer and other forensic evidence. We locate and interview witnesses associated with accused and for pertinent information possibly overlooked or improperly evaluated relating to the events, eyewitness accounts, police reports, scene photographs, diagrams and especially with digital forensic evidence.

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You must prove your innocence!

A thorough investigation conducted by a licensed private detective could make the difference your case needs leading to a fair plea deal or the dropping of all criminal charges in some cases.


Goal: Establish reasonable doubt and at best dismissal of charges without need for a criminal trial!

Defense cases include defense investigations relating to criminal felony charges and also with defense needs relating to PA PFA Chapter 61. – Title 23 – DOMESTIC RELATIONS; and Family court child custody disputes.  We apply the most advanced technologies coupled with experience in the criminal justice system as experienced private detectives. 

We Work for the Defendant & Family to Aid the Defense Attorney

This results in significant savings while delivering valuable investigative analysis and results. We do especially well working with those representing themselves legally also known as “pro se.“
This means the accused has opted to not use a public defender or unable to afford a private attorney’s starting retainer typically between $10,000 to $20,000. Public Defender services are only available for criminal court, contempt court, and juvenile court only.

We keep communication confidential and apply winning technology resources to achieve more with less time and effort!

All services include secure private cloud communications, data storage, and security, keeping your investigation private while adding convenient and time-saving updates and collaboration. Gain daily access to all videos, photos, and searchable documents/reports for your private investigation. Private cloud communications provide free question-and-answer sessions with your assigned private investigator and keep your investigation confidential. The staff at the C.A. Robinson Detective Agency is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your investigative and security needs.

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The C.A.Robinson Detective Agency is a licensed, bonded investigative company offering professional services to both the business and residential community.

Learn more about the role of a criminal defense investigator and why it’s vital in your case.