Private Criminal Complaint Private Investigative Assistance


Private Criminal Complaints are a unique benefit for residents of Pennsylvania. The law allows for private citizens to file Private Criminal Complaints through the Court system.  It is always advisable to report any suspected criminal activity to your local law enforcement agency.




We handle private criminal compliant investigations in support of private citizens in Pennsylvania.

Some counties in Pennsylvania will allow you to work with county detectives to evaluate your private criminal complaint. If in the end your request is denied and you need assistance with establishing ample evidence of probable cause,  we have the experience in such cases primarily relating to criminal harassment or threats made in person and harassment perpetrated against individuals online especially with social media and by cell phone texting. We will use all the equipment, connections and research capabilities at our disposal to get to the bottom of your investigation.


The following incidents are the type of private criminal complaint investigations we specialize in support of our clients:

— Criminal harassment threats made in person, online and via cell phone texting.

— Computer Hacking and Network Security Breaches.

— Electronic Eavesdropping and Tracking.

— Internet Business Listing False Reviews and Social Media Doxing and Defamation.

— Identity Theft.

— Theft by Deception “Spear Phishing” by way of Social Media and Dating Sites.

— Telephone Port-Out Fraud (Cellphones and VOIP Business Phones).

We can’t guarantee your Pennsylvania county district attorney will process your complaint, but we will sure do our best with due diligence to establish evidence where possible in support of your initiated private criminal complaint.

How we keep communication confidential:

All services include secure private cloud communications, data storage, and security, keeping your investigation private while adding convenient and time-saving updates and collaboration. Gain daily access to all videos, photos, and searchable documents/reports for your private investigation. Private cloud communications provide free question-and-answer sessions with your assigned private investigator and keep your investigation confidential. The staff at the C.A. Robinson Detective Agency is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your investigative and security needs.


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