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Is your husband or wife cheating? Do you suspect your husband or wife is cheating and want answers? Our licensed private infidelity investigators can perform investigation, surveillance and computer forensics needed to find out! Get the answers you need and deserve!

Infidelity Private Investigator Performing Investigation

Change of habits and behavior can be common signs of a cheating spouse, such as:

  • Distant and Removed

  • Late Evenings “at Work” or “Extended Business Travel”

  • Unexplained Blocks of Time Away and Expenditures

  • New Hobby Away from Home

  • Secretive or Hidden Financial and Credit Card Accounts

  • Hidden Bills and Letters

  • Scent or Hair from Another Woman or Man

  • Less or No Sex and Intimacy

  • Evasiveness and Defensiveness

  • Secretive Cell Phone & Computer Use

  • Checking Your Cell Phone but Not Showing You Their Cell Phone Activity is a Sure Sign of Infidelity or Addiction

3 or more of the above likely indicate a cheating spouse!


Our Licensed Infidelity Private Investigators Provide:

  • Discreet Video and Camera Surveillances

  • License Plate Date and Location Geotagging with a Vehicle Photo (where available)

  • Electronic Surveillance/Tracking Considerations

  • Computer Forensics & Cell Phone Data Retrieval

  • Social Media & Dark Web Investigative Services

  • Phone Search Reverse Lookup Reports to Detect Second Phones Linked to Social Media Accounts

Our highly skilled investigators can provide you with tangible evidence in order for you to discover the truth, and to make to proper decisions in your relationship moving forward, based on facts, rather than speculation.

Our professional, confidential investigators can put an end to uncertainty and open the door for counseling, divorce proceedings, or whatever the next step may be.


Why hire a private investigator?

There are a variety of reasons for investigating infidelity on your own but it is NOT the best option.  It is both emotionally and physically draining. A well-trained private investigator will find more information in less time due to both experience and access to more resources and will remain emotionally detached and objective. The validity of evidence is also more concrete when gathered by a licensed private investigator especially if they are experienced in matters of family law.

What does an infidelity investigation entail?

Investigations will vary based on the specific habits and behavior of the suspected cheating spouse.  Typically an investigation to catch a cheating spouse includes:

  • Consultation with the client – Before an investigator begins their pursuit of the truth, they gather as much information as possible about the spouse in question, including regular activities and hobbies. Though it may be painful, the more information you share the more successful the investigation will be.
  • Surveillance – A private investigator watches your spouse using advanced surveillance methods to ensure that you obtain the evidence you need.  After each surveillance all video and photos are posted to our private cloud for your review along with case updates.
  • Presentation of Evidence – Evidence gathered by a professional private investigator can not only give you peace of mind via indisputable proof but it can aid with family law divorce settlements.

What should I expect from an infidelity investigation?

Investigations into cheating spouses can range from a couple hours to several months. Regardless of the length of time, when you go to see a private investigator about a cheating spouse you will be treated with discretion and respect. The investigator will listen to your suspicions, take them seriously, and will ask you how you want the investigation to be shaped. You will remain in control of how the investigation proceeds and your professional investigator will investigate your spouse on your terms until you are completely satisfied. You will be able to get regular updates about the status of the investigation and only you will get to decide what to do with the information that is gathered.

Some people seek help as soon as they feel some suspicion that their spouse is cheating. Knowing for certain is important to them before they confront their partner. Others know their spouse in unfaithful but want solid evidence. If worries about your spouse are affecting your relationship or causing you stress, speaking with a private investigator can help.


How we keep communication confidential:

All services include secure private cloud communications, data storage, and security, keeping your investigation private while adding convenient and time-saving updates and collaboration. Gain daily access to all videos, photos, and searchable documents/reports for your private investigation. Private cloud communications provide free question-and-answer sessions with your assigned private investigator and keep your investigation confidential. The staff at the C.A. Robinson Detective Agency is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your investigative and security needs.


The C.A.Robinson Detective Agency is a licensed, bonded investigative company offering professional services to both the business and residential community.

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