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Counter-surveillance becomes necessary when you are the the target of cyber digital device infiltration.

Increasingly even small successful businesses are targeted to steal their customers, employees and skim their new sales leads by way of infiltrating cell phones, websites, Google business listings and other digital resources used in SEO especially.

You may also be targeted when you are suspected of an affair, a high dollar civil litigation claim, and also in high net worth estate disputes in the millions of dollars. 

Counter Surveillance Investigation Services

Counter-surveillance is the act of detecting and preventing “spying” on someone, stealing their data or information. We can detect:

  • Eavesdropping

  • Phone tapping

  • Computer hacking, or the installation of spyware on a computer

  • Vehicle Trackers and Air Tags

  • Planting audio or video feeds by coopting home automation or dropping in bugs in a home, office, or tracking devices in a car

There are many reasons that someone may wish to put you under surveillance, but no matter the reason, if you are being surveilled, it is a major violation of your privacy, and could cause serious damage to your personal life, your business, or your finances.

If your counter-surveillance investigation proves that you have been under surveillance, C.A. Robinson Private Detective Agency can help you take the necessary steps to identify and eliminate all of these threats and remove these infiltration devices from your home, car, or office, and advise and secure you in avoiding such risks in the future. By taking active counter-surveillance measures, you could prevent severe damage to your business and personal life, your reputation, and your finances.

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