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Businesses and Individuals are facing increasing complex digital infiltrations. Our agency has 30+ years of professional work experience with Federal and state agencies, global corporations, small businesses and individuals encountering targeted digital infiltration.

We will help you identify and respond with a licensed investigation to identify the means of the digital infiltration as well as assemble evidence required for filing criminal complaints and related civil litigation situations that arise.

Digital Forensic Investigator examining evidence for a cyber crime.

C.A. Robinson brings subject matter expertise, analysis and investigative capabilities to address a variety of issues — no matter the subject area.

  • Global experience on a large scale with all aspects of tele data investigations and litigation situations that arise.

  • Trusted expertise in investigative litigation support, due diligence, witness location and identification, monitoring and surveillance (electronic and physical counter surveillances).

  • Leading role in cross-border computer investigation and financial analysis, and providing review of evidence of the highest quality.

Our expert licensed digital forensic investigators cut through the information clutter to provide meaningful insights in support of litigation, from initial investigation to expert testimony.

Our investigative litigation and arbitration support services include:

  • Discovering, examining, and analyzing information, intelligence, and validation of raw data to realize its evidentiary value.

We have the Digital Forensic Investigative Skills and Equipment to do the job right! Work with licensed private investigators with highly developed digital forensic investigative skills and get the edge you need in your criminal or civil case!

How we keep communication confidential:

All services include secure private cloud communications, data storage, and security, keeping your investigation private while adding convenient and time-saving updates and collaboration. Gain daily access to all videos, photos, and searchable documents/reports for your private investigation. Private cloud communications provide free question-and-answer sessions with your assigned private investigator and keep your investigation confidential. The staff at the C.A. Robinson Detective Agency is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your investigative and security needs.

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The C.A.Robinson Detective Agency is a licensed, bonded investigative company offering professional services to both the business and residential community.

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